Lemur 3 Months Later

It have been almost 3 months since I received my new laptop from System76 and except for the keyboard and initial disappointment with the build quality, I have been very happy with my latest purchase.


I am using the Lemur are a personal and work laptop. Most evenings and weekends I am using it to browse the web and so some personal coding projects. During the working week the laptop accompanies me on the commute into London and when in the office I am doing a variety of things from development to email.


Carrying this laptop in a backpack for 1 hour, including several stops on the tube is fine. The Lemur is a very portable weight and carrying the laptop around the office is not a problem either.


I have not has any problems with connecting existing devices to the Lemur. Everything has just worked out of the box.


Three weeks into my experience I did get a kernel panic and I had to reinstall Ubuntu and the System76 drivers. This was not a difficult task and I want to point out that this is more than likely to be an Ubuntu issues rather than a problem with System76 setup or the hardware.

I think the panic was caused by performing an update via Ubuntu’s software update package and this hung to some reason and I restarted the laptop. When the laptop was running through the boot process it hung and when I tried to boot in recovery mode I was shown a nice kernel panic error message.

Following the re-install I have had not issues, but I am staying clear of using Software Updater and sticking to good old apt-get update and apt-get upgrade commands.

Final Thoughts

I may revisit this post and add anything that I think might be useful, but for now I will leave my review of the Lemur7 with this view:

“A good, portable Linux laptop that comes with a configuration that should see me through the next three years of work and play.  I am sure I will be back on the System76 website when I consider my next upgrade!”


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